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5 of the Most Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

They say that “A smile is the best makeup that you can wear” and truer words were never spoken. We all know someone who lights up any situation with his/her delightful smile, made flawless by two rows of picture perfect teeth. Unfortunately, not all of us were born with such perfect teeth and our smile doesn’t quite have the same impact that we want it to have. Alternatively, factors like age, bad dental hygiene and accidents can also damage a previously perfect smile.

The good news is that at the Perfect Smile Clinic, anyone can get their teeth fixed to flaunt that elusive charming smile. On the other hand, the confusing part is choosing the dental procedure which would be right for you. While your dentist will help you come to a conclusion once you visit the clinic, it makes sense to at least get an idea about the kind of procedures that are most popular and effective.

Composite Bonding

This is a process in which broken, discoloured, decayed or otherwise damaged teeth are repaired with an artificial composite. The composite is applied and shaped properly onto the damaged tooth’s surface, after drilling the rotten portions out of it. It’s expensive, but it’s also guaranteed to make your smile look great again, especially if a few damaged teeth are currently ruining your beautiful smile.


In case you have a few misshapen teeth, visible gaps in-between two/multiple teeth, or just visibly damaged enamel, your dentist may advise you to go for a dental veneer. These are always custom-made from medical-grade ceramics and look just like your natural teeth when glued on top of your existing teeth to make them look better than ever before.


One of the more serious procedures on this list, implants involve putting a titanium screw inside the jawbone to support the crown. Implants are only used when there’s a missing tooth or when the condition of the tooth is so bad that it must be completely removed.

Inlays and Overlays

Both inlays and overlays are types of filling that are made in dental labs from composite resin. They are used when the tooth structure, or the decay, doesn’t allow the dentist to use a traditional filling procedure to solve the problem. Inlays are used when the tooth cusps are intact, while overlays are used when the cusps too are damaged.

Teeth Whitening

Finally, we come to the most common cosmetic dental procedure in the world at the moment; teeth whitening. It is a relatively simple and easy to perform procedure which first cleans plaque, tartar, debris and everything else from each tooth with precision. After the cleaning, a dental bleaching session is carried out to make teeth look whiter than ever before.

In spite of the condition of your teeth, it is advised that you go for a cleaning and whitening session every now and again as it does help to keep the teeth healthy and looking good. If you need something else done as well, your dentist should be able to help you figure it out.

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