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Healthy Pearly Whites: How to Avoid Having Tooth Decay and Other Dental Problems

Although dental problems are easy to prevent, they are common among people of all ages. They are not life-threatening, but they can cause discomfort. Knowing how to prevent tooth decay and other health problems, you can avoid expensive and painful dental treatments.

  • Brushing

Since you were a child, you have heard about the importance of brushing your teeth. When you brush in the morning and evening, you can eliminate bacteria which can cause tooth decay and dental problems.

Choosing the right toothbrush is also the key to good oral health. A toothbrush with soft bristles is your best choice. Make sure that its size reaches all the hard-to-reach areas of your mouth. In addition, you have to replace your brush once in 3 to 4 months.

The ideal amount of toothpaste you should use is the same size as a pea. However, for kids, you have to consult your dentist since adults and children have different fluoride requirement.

  • Flossing

After brushing your teeth or eating, you must always floss. The bristles of your toothbrush cannot thoroughly clean the small openings between your teeth, but flossing can finish this job. Plaque can build up anywhere in your mouth, so skipping this activity can lead to dental diseases.

  • Avoiding Too Much Sugar

You should stay away from foods that have too much sugar. Sugar causes a reaction with your saliva through its bacteria. The acid formed from this reaction damages tooth enamel, which covers and protects the outer layer of your teeth. If it is difficult to control your sugar intake, you ought to brush with toothpaste that has fluoride.

  • Avoiding Soda and Juices

You already know that sodas contain high amount of sugar. For fruit juices, they have hidden sugar content that most likely go unnoticed. Sodas have plenty of acid, so it can break the enamel of your teeth. Though fruit juices are healthier drinks, it is better to opt for you better opt to eating fruits and drinking water or black or green tea.

  • Using Mouthwash

To improve your oral health, it’s ideal to wash with antibacterial or fluoridated mouthwash. Your mouthwash should also not contain alcohol because it can make your mouth dry.

Using it can protect you against various oral diseases such as gingivitis. Moreover, it is also a good substitute if you do not have enough time to brush and floss.

  • Visiting Dental Clinics

You need to visit a dentist such as a naperville dentist every 6 months. Do not think that you do not need to go to a dentist because your teeth seem healthy. A dentist can thoroughly assess the overall condition of your teeth. In addition, the proper cleaning of teeth is done by a dentist.


You can easily prevent tooth decay and other dental problems by following the suggestions given. If you follow these tips regularly, you’ll have healthy and white teeth in no time!

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