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Busting Some Common Travel Insurance Myths

When you are going on holiday, it is a good idea to have medical travel insurance. Travel insurance is designed to cover you in case of some kind of event that might happen overseas. You can get medical insurance or insurance for other things as well. For example, many insurers will offer you a more general plan that covers any damages you might incur. If you damage something that does not belong to you, you might be charged for it by the owner. Expenses can rack up as high as £1m for something that may have just been an innocent accident.

That is why it is good to have some insurance to make sure you are covered; however, you should know a few things before you decide to buy a plan. Here are some common myths.

You Will Be Charged More for More Medical Conditions

Many people believe that their insurance costs will rise if they admit that they have more medical conditions. However, this is not the case, because every medical condition is not treated the same. If you have high blood pressure, that will not likely raise your premiums as high as something that requires constant attention, such as diabetes. Ensure that you read a helpful guide before purchasing medical travel insurance. A good guide will tell you how to buy medical insurance if you have certain conditions.

All Plans Are Virtually the Same

Those who would look to sell you insurance sometimes try to insist that all plans are virtually the same. They do this so that they can discourage you from shopping around for better prices. As with any other product, not all insurance plans are the same. There are some very stark differences between different plans; you need to know what those differences are and why they exist.

The best way to do this is by comparing multiple different plans from many different insurers.

Travel Agents Will Get You the Best Price

Travel agents will not always get you the best price because they don’t always have an interest in doing so. They are sometimes too busy to shop around through the dozens of different plans from dozens of different insurers. Sometimes they have some kind of agreement with certain insurers to encourage their clients to buy insurance from them. Those are direct conflicts with what you are most interested in, which is lower costs.

Lower Premiums Are Best

While it is tempting to only look at the price of premiums and then decide which plan to buy, you should resist that temptation. There are many different reasons why premiums might be lower for an insurance plan. For example, one plan might have a very low premium because the out-of-pocket costs are very high. Another plan might have low premiums because it covers an incredibly narrow range of circumstances.

You need to decide on a budget and how much coverage you need; then and only then should you start looking for insurance. Compare plans from different insurers to find the best possible options.


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