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The 7 (Seven) basic rules for safe & long-term Kratom consumption

Today we present the 7 Kratom general rules for possible safe and long-term consumption of Kratom to you!

If you decide, for medical reasons or conviction, for a daily use of Kratom, then this article is the most essential and most important thing that we can recommend to you.

As long as you stick to the 7 Kratom basic rules, your tolerance will remain low and you will avoid the few negative aspects of this miracle kratom leaf effects efficiently and without any circumstances.

  1. Avoid kratom extracts or “enhanced” kratom species
    These extracts leave your kratom tolerance in the shortest possible time into immeasurable highs. Often, these extracts are sold in some head shops and praised for their supposedly potent effect, but believe me when I tell you:
  2. Never use two different varieties of Kratom in one day.
    Decide for one and stay with this. Only the next day you choose another variety.
  3. Never use the same variety for two consecutive days.
    It is best to have 7 different varieties, one for each day. Each species stimulates your receptors differently, and by repeating the same stimulation only every 7 days, almost no tolerance develops. This saves money and is healthier.
  4. Also try to change the speed of the varieties from day to day.
    You can use two slow varieties in a row, which is less bad than using the same strain two days, but it is much better for your tolerance when you change the speed. For example Monday fast, Tuesday slow, Wednesday moderate.
  5. Never exaggerate with the crowd.
    Stay at your optimal point and use Kratom 2-3 times a day, no more. It is not a disaster if you take Kratom 4 times a day, but do not let it be a rule. My own consumption has meanwhile settled to 2 times 2.5g per day, so that I can get painless and happy through the day without risking tolerance.
  6. First, take a 2-3-day break a week to see how you feel about it.
    No need, but a personal recommendation. No problem? Wonderful, lots of fun!
  7. Drink much water.No juices but water and feed you healthy.
    Kratom can be dehydrating, similar to coffee. Those who drink enough do not have any problems in the long term, which drank too little headaches. Also take care of enough fiber; otherwise you could get clogging problems which can easily be avoided.

We are pleased to provide you Kratom Wholesale service & following these 7 basic rules will keep you safe for long term consumption of Kratom.

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