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8 Most Common Types of Serious Heart Diseases

Heart diseases are the most prevalent cause of death in the United States. In fact, over 60 million Americans are suffering from a certain heart illness. These heart diseases develop over time depending on the person’s lifestyle. And with our continuing and aggravating unhealthy habits, it is no surprise that the number of heart disease cases will increase rapidly.

When we refer to heart diseases, most people would generally think only about heart attacks. On the contrary, there are many types of heart disease. To give you an overview of these types, here is a list:

Coronary artery disease

When coronary arteries are blocked, there is lesser oxygen and blood pumped into the muscle walls. Coronary artery disease is perceived as the most serious heart disease since it causes sudden death without any preceding symptom.

Heart valve disease

This type of heart disease pertains to the inability of one or more of the heart’s four valves to facilitate the blood flow inside the heart. As a consequence, the usual flow may be disrupted or delayed.


This refers to the narrowing of the arteries and veins that causes pain and discomfort to the person. Often compared with heart attacks, this is very different from them since its symptoms are nonfatal and only temporary.

Heart muscle disease

Also known as cardiomyopathy, heart muscles disease is the condition where the walls of the heart abnormally grow too thick or too large. This lets only lesser amount of blood pumped inside the heart and around the body.


The electrical signal of the heart sometimes does not follow the right sequence and pacing. With this, the heartbeat can move in slow, fast, or irregular patterns. This uneven pattern is not caused by any stimuli outside the body such as a stressful situation.

Heart failure

This is also referred to as congestive heart failure or CHF. It happens when the heart can no longer suffice oxygen-rich blood to cater the needs of other essential parts of the body.

Congenital heart disease

This is an inborn heart disease where the walls separating the left and right chambers of  the heart can’t be closed. This results to an irregular flow of blood. Other cases entail the failure of the pulmonary artery to close properly.

Heart attack

Often termed as myocardial infarction, heart attack is another serious heart disease that causes sudden death. When the blood flow inside the heart is blocked, heart muscles die. Luckily, the “attack” is only brief, and the damage is temporary and reversible as long as immediate help is present.

Those aforementioned are just a few of the numerous types of heart diseases. Despite the different descriptions of each heart disease, they have one thing in common – that is, the risk they put to a person’s health. Hence, these heart illnesses should be avoided. And to do that, one should adopt a healthy lifestyle that can maintain both the condition of your heart as well as other vital body parts.

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